How to get better ideas

Ideas and innovation don’t generally emerge from a single point, team or a company. They don’t jump to existence in sterile offices, by employees pushed or forced to think about innovation. They emerge over coffee tables, over lunch or beer, when seemingly irrelevant parties talk about random shit. An idea needs versatility and variety to… Continue reading How to get better ideas


“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”  ― Confucius Today, I received some good news that I already gave up on over a month ago. But I still kept poking it each week, and now, I am 172.15 GBP richer, which inspired me to this quick dump of thoughts.

Mr Nice Guy

One for men, although could be interesting for you girls too. During my travels in Thailand, I had more time to think about myself, things I like, my strengths, flaws etc. I´m going to focus on one specific flaw or personality feature that I don´t like about myself. It´s Mr Nice Guy attitude. You know,… Continue reading Mr Nice Guy


Yesterday, I participated in a Temazcal (sweat lodge). Thanks to Francesco and Cecilia, proud owners of an amazing cob house and great people, for making this happen. The ceremony takes place in a hand built tent, around 3 meters in diameter, where we somehow managed to ram in around 35 people. In the middle, there´s a hole… Continue reading Temazcal