Recharge yourself!

New year coming, a shitload of new year´s resolutions, putting pressure on yourself. You hear about making the most of your day, being efficient and productive everywhere. From me too. I also want to make the most of my day. BUT – sometimes, it´s ok to stop and recharge yourself. It´s ok to be boring, lazy,… Continue reading Recharge yourself!

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Animal rehabilitation – how it should be done!

“I will not leave money, property or fame for my children when I´m gone. I will leave them something much more valuable than that – a forest full of animals that they and other people can enjoy.” — Orlando Zagazeta I found a center for animal rehabilitation that does exactly what it says on the… Continue reading Animal rehabilitation – how it should be done!


“Don´t treat others the way you don´t want to be treated”.–embedded in every part of the world. People get freaked out when they hear the word “karma”. They think about some deep religious meaning, that someone is going to try and make them a monk, that they will have to shave their head and grow… Continue reading Karma

Galapagos is not Disneyland

I´m going to be a bit negative about Galapagos here, reason being, I don´t think that people know what they´ll get and go there with huge expectations. I also don´t think that Galapagos should be visited by tourists who don´t really care about animals, nature and preservation, who don´t know or care about endangered species… Continue reading Galapagos is not Disneyland


How many friends do you have? Hm, that´s a lot. Now how many actually give a shit about you? Yeah, thought so. Many people go for quantity, rather than quality. What´s the point? It´s like collecting stamps that you don´t really care about. Requires effort, but you don´t get anything back. Is it selfish to… Continue reading Friends