Max, the Digging Dog NFT

Max, the Digging Dog NFT collection

The first NFT collection linked to a living being – Max, my dog and his life adventures.

He is Max. He digs. A lot. I will be releasing a limited number of photos of Max digging during his lifetime. See SCHEDULE below.

This collection is limited because Max, the black digging dog is only one. He’s 5.5 years old now, so expect more pics during the next years, but once he’s gone, they are gone.


  • 1 – launch (DONE October 2021) 12 first-ever Digging dog items – photos + two rare media (1 video, 1 gif)
  • 2 – min. one new image/media every month at a floor price between 0.01 and 0.1 depending on it’s properties and levels. That’s 12 new items a year, around 160 total supply. Then gone forever.

Each picture (or media) will have these properties and levels:


  • location

LEVELS: (higher = more rare)

Dig difficulty – the difficulty of the area where he’s digging. He likes meadows, but sometimes he chooses a hard one, life is not just a dig in a meadow right!

Digging intensity – how much effort is Max putting into his digging