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Animal lover, vegan, traveller, digital nomad and free thinker. I quit a great career in London, to live a more fulfilled life, by my values. I have been travelling, living in various countries around the world and working for myself since May 2012.

I write about my life on my slovak blog www.posveteposvojom.com.

I can help you with your business with eCommerce, Facebook and Google Ads, Project Management, Pricing strategy, SEO, Webdesign and more. Flexible hourly rate depending on task, size of business and growth potential. Flexible working hours (advantage of being my own boss :).

Read more about me, or check my LinkedIn page.

My other projects are:

www.veganstvo.org – slovak site promoting veganism, animal rights and healthy lifestyle

Vegan Slovakia – a facebook page to provide a place for vegans in Slovakia to share information about veganism

Country house rental – you can stay in my cosy country house near Slovakia’s mountain range Tatry, relax and forget about stress of daily life for a while…

www.lacnatvorbawebstranok.com – designing simple but functional websites for a good price

www.pisanieprclankov.com – slovak business, writing PR & SEO articles for websites

www.forexbezstresu.com – slovak site about my experience trading on eToro

www.domzhliny.com – slovak site about sustainable construction using natural materials, cob houses, adobe etc

Some travel stats:

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More about my travels on Travellerspoint.com

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